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The guiding purpose of UA-ACTS is to facilitate a campus environment that promotes an enjoyable and successful college experience for students with ASD in preparation for their future endeavors.

The UA-ACTS program provides individualized services to help students develop appropriate skills for self-advocacy, daily living, and social interactions that will contribute to their success as an independent adult.

UA-ACTS seeks to provide support for the transition into a large, traditional university campus and to guide students towards achieving their goals for the future. Also, the program seeks to promote awareness and understanding of ASDs throughout the campus community through education, training, and collaborations with University programs, faculty, staff, and students.

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The UA-ACTS program is conducting ongoing research on the characteristics of successful college students on the Autism Spectrum. The goal of this research is to determine what factors predict success and struggles at the college level in order to better prepare students in middle and high school for the transition.

In addition, we hope that this knowledge of the characteristics and skills of these students will help other universities as they begin to develop similar programs.