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Information for Accepted Students

What’s Next?

Once our advisory board meets, you will be notified by phone and mail whether or not you were accepted to the UA-ACTS program. Please take some time to discuss this as a family. We will give you a deadline to notify us whether you plan to accept our offer of admission to the program.

Summer Sessions

Students who are accepted to the program have the option of starting classes during the summer. Two summer sessions are offered. The first is typically for the month of June and the second is typically for the month of July. UA-ACTS services are available during these summer sessions.

In order to start during the summer instead of the fall, you will need to contact the registrar and change your start date from fall to summer.


If you decide that UA-ACTS and The University of Alabama would be the best college option for you, we encourage you to also consider where you would like to live next year. Please let us know your housing preferences as soon as possible so we can work with housing to make sure your preferred dorm is available.

Find additional details on the UA Housing website.

Bama Bound

You will need to attend a UA orientation session during which you will learn more about the University and you will register for your Fall/Summer semester classes. These sessions are offered between May through August; however, we would recommend going earlier rather than waiting until late in the Summer. You will not be able to register for classes until this session and classes will fill up over the course of the summer.

In order to have more options for fall classes, we encourage you to attend earlier rather than later in the summer.

To register for Bama Bound you will need to visit the orientation website and have your MyBama ID and Password. There are separate sessions for Honors College students, transfer students, and students who wish to start classes over the summer.

If you want to start classes during the Summer 1 term then you will need to attend the Summer/Freshman Express Orientation.

If you want to start during the Summer 2 term you will need to attend an orientation session that occurs prior to the start of the Summer 2 session.

Once you have scheduled your orientation session, let us know the dates. We meet with each student prior to the start of your orientation session to help you prepare for the session. We also send a UA-ACTS staff member to the sessions with you to help you during the sessions your parents do not attend with you.

UA-ACTS Orientation

Classes at UA start on a Wednesday during the Fall and Spring semester. Every year, UA-ACTS hosts an orientation session for incoming students and at least one parent on the Monday before classes start.

During this session, students and families will meet the student’s mentor for the first time, plan for the first week of classes, set the regular meeting schedules, and get general information about UA and UA-ACTS.

Office of Disability Services

You will need to contact the Office of Disability Services (ODS) and provide them with the information they need to register you for services. If you do not have everything they require they can give you provisional services; however, these only last for one semester and do not include priority registration.

Many families choose to meet with ODS over the summer before or after Bama Bound Orientation. In addition, you will need to meet with them the week classes start to review their testing policy and finalize accommodations. If you notify UA-ACTS staff of the dates of these meetings, we can attend them with you.